About us

What is the B2Bpaslaugos.lt and how can we help you

Nowadays, like never before business is step forward. Regarding that entrepreneurs more and more want to avoid fixed and not necessary expenses, while it’s possible to achieve the same goal and do all the work without necessary liabilities. 

That’s why services sector became true support for every business, when you don’t have to hire so much employees, especially if it’s unclear, what tasks they could do after few months.

For this reason outsource become more and more attractive, because business owner gets what he needs and all tasks is done by professionals without risk and more important – without time waste.

To pursue to save and optimize even more time and financial resources all necessary services you could find in one place – B2Bpaslaugos.lt

B2Bpaslaugos.lt is:

a system, which working in cluster principle with all necessary B2B services providers. It helps for both sides, for customer it become much easier to find and order required services without tens of phone calls or emails, and for service provider it help to save time, which he can spend on his direct work. 

Our main goal is to save your time and make service ordering process as easy as it could be. 


From now you don’t have to need wander by searching services providers, sending  requests for plenty companies and for each of them repeat your needs. We have merge various services providers, where we working in cluster principle. From now, you just need to send one request with needing services and we as fast as possible would give you a feedback with proposal.

When we get service request, we call client if something is not clear, and after that we send this request with additional info to our partners – in that way, client gets several service proposals in one place with pricelist, experience, terms and conditions. 

Our value is clear, ethical and trustful business – regarding that all our partners is trustful and ethical companies, without any precedents. 

However – everybody make mistakes, therefore if we get complain about provided service – we carefully review situation and if our partner doesn’t follow these values we gonna cancel this partnership.

It’s enough to place only one request for required services, and we will take care of everything else. ASAP we prepare services proposal with price, terms and conditions and give you a feedback and proposals all in one place.